Athletic talent without academic achievement often results in a dead end to college.  High school student-athletes miss out on opportunities to compete in college on scholarship at an alarming rate.  


To play sports in college, student-athletes must meet a set of academic qualifications beyond high school graduation requirements and college admission standards.  


Navigating the maze of academic eligibility requirements is a nightmare.  While every high school must do it, it gets done poorly if at all.


PIERCE Plan is the first web-based platform to integrate with high school student information systems so coaches, athletes, parents, counselors and, athletic directors have an automated, reliable, and proactive solution to track academic eligibility requirements to play in college.  Additionally, college coaches can access verified grades, transcripts, and test scores in real time to help facilitate the recruiting process.


We believe every high school student-athlete deserves the opportunity to earn a scholarship to play in college.


We recognize navigating the maze of academic eligibility is time-consuming and fallible for all stakeholders.


We provide a proactive tracking system for student-athletes that ultimately drives school-wide academic achievement.  

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THE TRANSITION PODCAST: Unseen Struggles of Athletes

March 22, 2019

Fernie Alvarez sits down with the founder of PIERCE Plan, Kelly Pierce, to discuss the undocumented pitfalls high school athletes face in getting college scholarships. In this episode, they shed a light on this often overlooked issue that is leaving promising students without a bright future.

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